At first they started looking for an answer for the phenomenon, maybe some kind of genetic mutation that happened decades, even centuries ago, and continued to be passed down from generation to generation. As years went by, every single pregnancy resulted in identical twins. 

    The issue was that people continued to have children. The whole debacle over birth control precautions, Plan B, using contraceptives, or even using the old “pull out” method as a last ditch resort was never resolved, so the planet continued to thrive with people. The world population skyrocketed from 7 billion to 14 billion in just six years.

    Environmentalists fought long and hard to conserve as much of nature as possible, but with more and more people being born every day, it was hard to conserve forests and woodlands as space needed to be made for housing development. Farmers and ranchers lost their land, and nature reserves shrunk considerably each year. But, once we ran out of space, we began to build up.

    The world was a concrete jungle, filled with mass unemployment; rush hour that lasted all day and all night; food shortages; extreme crime rates; wars sparking from all borders; even though death rates were high, the population continued to grow. The world was crumbling under complete chaos.

    The government started to develop ideas on how to control the population. First they tried reviving the ideas of contraception and even offering classes on effective birth control for the uneducated, which consisted of 80% of the population. It worked at first, but only for a short while. When that didn’t work, they moved on to more drastic tactics, such as proposing the idea of arresting any pregnant woman in sight and performing abortions, even without their consent. Obviously this was too extreme, and the protests that sparked from this quickly made politicians rethink their decision. There had to be some way to slow down the rate in which the population grew.

    Finally, after years of proposing ideas, our government came to an ultimatum. It was either this, or succumb to a world of disease and famine and war, a horrible life compared to what could lie ahead if we made some kind of change. The government wouldn’t take “No” for an answer despite the protests, but even activists agreed that if we didn’t do something soon, then our children and our children’s children would suffer greatly.

    The plan was this: every pregnant woman admitted into the hospital once she’s entered labor would go about the usual routine. She would get to have her children, she would get to hold them and admire what beauty she had helped create. Identical twins were always exciting to have, even if it was a usual thing now.

    Then, according to the dozens of pages of legal documents that the parents (or parent) would have to sign, she would have to choose to give up one twin to be euthanized in the most humane way possible, which was lethal injection. If nurses, or doctors, or even the mother herself refused to do so, they would be arrested on the spot, as a police officer, sometimes two, would be in the room at all times during a birthing. It was the ultimatum, but the most effective population control the government could come up with now that we had reached our breaking point.

    I mean, they’re identical twins. They both look the same, so it’ll be like one never existed.