A true story



About three weeks ago, I moved into a new house that was built back in the 1940s if I remember correctly. It’s a very old home that, like any other, makes a bunch of strange noises at night. I’m normally not one who gets scared easily, so staying here alone wasn’t going to bother me. Luckily, for the first two weeks of living here, I had two friends rooming with me as they looked for an apartment (they had just moved to the city and I allowed them to stay here while they found another place to live).

    My friends finally found an apartment the second week after we moved into the house and moved out that weekend while I was at work. I had specifically mentioned to one of them who had the front door key to leave it on the counter when they left so that I could get it back from them. When I returned home from work, I found that the key wasn’t there, as they’d forgotten to leave it when they officially moved out. It wasn’t problem, and I wasn’t concerned as I had the back door to get in and out of the house, and my friend promised to get it back to me the next day.

    Fast forward to the next evening and I decided to watch a couple of movies while kicking back and enjoying my official first night home alone in the new house. I waited for my friend to come by and drop the key off while I watched movies, but she didn’t stop by. After texting her, she said that her boyfriend (the other friend/roommate) had to stay later at work, and since he had the car, she couldn’t drop the key off that night and promised to bring it by first thing in the morning before she went to work at a coffee shop down the street at 5 AM.

    After finishing up my last movie for the night, I went to bed and ended up having a rather vivid, frightening nightmare.

    Before I describe to you the nightmare that I had, I’ve made a quick diagram of what the layout of my “dream bedroom” looked like, which you can see here:

Something Was Outside My Window Layout.j

    So, in my dream, I was lying in bed with a friend. It was very dark in my bedroom, but there was a light source coming from somewhere and I was able to see where everything was. I heard the sound of clothes falling on the floor (we all know what that sounds like), so I sat up and looked down the hall where the bathroom was. Clothes were piled up in front of the bathroom door. I remember being perplexed as to why and how they were there, and I thought that they had either fallen or were thrown from the closet. That’s when I hear my friend say, “I’m scared.”

    “Me too,” I replied. We decided to get up and move to another part of the house, away from the bedroom. On our way out, I looked down the hall, and some…thing peeked around the corner of the hall from out of the closet. It was some shadowy figure, and I could tell that it was bald, and my brain made me assume that it was wearing a suit (and no, it’s not Slenderman if that’s what you’re thinking). What really freaked me out was that this thing moved so unnaturally human. It moved in a really jerky fashion, twitching or “glitching,” and it scared the fuck out of me.

    “Get out!” I screamed. “Leave! You don’t belong here!” And the more I yelled at it, the more it jerked back and forth, as if it were stuck between the doorway of the closet. I ran toward the thing while screaming at it, and right when I reached it, it slipped back into the closet. I immediately ran into the closet and flipped the switch, only to find nothing there.

    That’s when I woke up.

    I was so shaken by the nightmare that I was too afraid to open my eyes in fear that I would see something standing next to my bed if I did. I attempted to fall back asleep, but it was so quiet in the house, and I was pretty disturbed by my dream, that I decided to turn the TV on to drown out the silence and take my mind off of the nightmare. I remember checking my phone and seeing that it was about 4:10 AM.

    After watching about 15-20 minutes of television, I became sleepy and decided to try and fall back asleep. I turned the TV off and prepared to fall asleep.

    About ten minutes pass when I hear knocking come from somewhere in the house. I know I heard it, because my cat, who usually sleeps with me on my bed, perked up and was staring outside of my bedroom door. She quickly jumped off the bed to go investigate, and I ignored the knocking sound because I had assumed that it was my friend dropping the key off (since it was almost 5 AM and that’s when she said she would stop by). I finally fall asleep.

    The next morning I woke up, and the first thing I did was check the mailbox for the key. It wasn’t there. I was a bit frustrated and decided to go to my friend’s work to grab the key from her. I was told that she wasn’t in that day. I gave her a call, which went straight to voicemail, and shortly after I left a message I received a text from her claiming that she had woken up at 6 AM with an upset stomach and had called into work, and that I should just stop by to pick the key up.

    Apart from the complications of getting the key, I thought about the nightmare I had earlier that morning, and the knocking I had heard shortly after I’d woken up from the dream. I found it odd that, even if my friend did stop by to drop the key off, she would knock on the door. It would’ve been as if she assumed that I would be awake to greet her, or that I would wake up in order to greet her and get the key. The more I thought about the knocking, the more I remember it specifically not sounding like a knocking on a door, but more of like a tapping on glass. We have a glass sliding door in the kitchen that I used while my friend had the front door key, and the sliding door leads into a fenced off backyard.

    I started to think about why someone would even be in my backyard between 4:30 and 5 in the morning, or why they would even tap on the glass in the first place. It didn’t make very much sense. I shrugged it off and decided to go about my day, starting off with watering my plants in the kitchen that sit on a countertop that’s below three small kitchen windows. I opened my blinds to let in more sunlight, and what I saw scared the absolutely fuck out of me.

    The photo you’re about to see is what I saw when I opened my blinds. You have the decision to believe me or not, but I can swear on my life, and the life of everyone I know, that I did not do this, and that it was not there the day before. It was a bizarre string of events that led up to seeing this, which is why it freaked me the fuck out. I don’t know what was outside of my window earlier that morning, but someone or something was.