Pennies Poster


Short, Horror

Pages: 7

A teenage boy gets a rude awakening after playing a prank at his grandfather’s wake.

PRODUCTION: 2 locations (including funeral home), 1 main character, 3 side characters, make-up effects

Of Death Poster.jpg


Series, Comedy

Pages: 5 - 10

Meet Tracy. She's not your average angel. In fact, she's far from it.

PRODUCTION: One main/recurring character, one side character, one location per script, some gore/makeup effects

Lunar Shift Poster.jpg


Short, Horror

Pages: 30

Scream meets The Howling in this campy horror. When the popular kids at school begin dying in vicious animal attacks, it's up to the average Joe's to hunt for the beast that might be targeting them next.​

PRODUCTION: 2 main characters, 7 side characters, several extras, 2-4 locations (including a school), creature effects, gore/make-up, medium to high budget special effects

When the Snow Melts Poster.jpg


Short, Horror

Pages: 5

A quiet neighborhood is disturbed when the parents wake up on Christmas Day to find that their children are missing.

PRODUCTION: low budget, 1 main character, 1 child actor, multiple extras, 2 locations plus neighborhood, winter/nature effects, low to medium budget special effects (prosthetics)

disatch sean elwood art short film screenplay script 911 horror monster


Short, Horror

Pages: 16

A 9-1-1 operator gets a call from a woman claiming someone broke into her home and killed her family. But they both realize that they're dealing with something far more dangerous.

PRODUCTION: Already filmed

tooth fairy sean elwood art horror screenplay script monster supernatural


Short, Horror

Pages: 6

The Tooth Fairy is coming to visit tonight. But what happens when there's no tooth to take?

PRODUCTION: low to medium budget, 3 main characters (plus 1 creature character), 1 main location, low to medium budget special effects (creature, gore), low budget location

The Light at the End of the Tunnel Poste


Short, Horror

Pages: 12

Rumor has it that at the end of this tunnel there will appear ghostly lights from a car accident that occurred two decades ago. When three teens attempt to prove the rumor true, they get more than they bargained for when something far more horrifying than a ghost story greets them on the other side.

PRODUCTION: low to medium budget, 3 main characters (1 minor role, plus 4 creature characters, a few extras), 1 main location, low to medium budget special effects, low budget location

emerald sean elwood art short story screenplay script horror ghost story


Short, Horror, Drama

Pages: 22

A lost man on a journey discovers a terrifying secret. A ghost story.

PRODUCTION: medium to high budget, 2 main characters (1 minor character, plus extras), 1 main location (plus 2-3 minor locations), medium to high budget special effects (stunts, underwater scenes), low budget locations