When I moved to Denver five and a half years ago, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. But when I finally had the chance to explore the downtown area, I fell in love with the city. Yes, I also love the mountains next door, but let's talk about the city here.

The Denver city skyline is gorgeous. In one of the most popular spots to get a photo (which I sadly did not get one during my outing, but next time), from left to right you have the Broncos stadium, followed by unique architecture of the office buildings, and then Elitch Gardens, a small yet charming amusement park built with an observation tower, ferris wheel, and other attractions.

As my friend and I walked through the lower downtown (LoDo) area, we admired Union Station, the main train station where you can depart to the mountains or to the airport; Larimer Square, a strip of restaurants and bars; and the 16th Street Mall, a long street of shops and more restaurants and bars.

As the downtown area expands and more apartment and office buildings rise up, the architecture never ceases to amaze me. These buildings are beautiful, as are most buildings in most cities, but Denver holds a special place in my heart with its architecture and layout. From its location to the mountains, to how the streets are laid out in a grid system so you can practically get anywhere by taking any street, I don't think I will be leaving this city any time soon.

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