The news spread fast of the new, strange species of flower that suddenly popped up in the middle of Central Park. It surpassed the size of the rafflesia arnoldii, the largest flower in the world, but not by much.

    No other species of flower was like this one according to the scientists that studied the growing bud, and the tests they performed came back inconclusive. Nobody knew where this plant came from, and nobody has ever seen anything like it before.

    As the plant continued to grow larger, the scientists noticed the bud slowly beginning to open, and its petals noticeably folded outward more and more each day. Cameras were set up to film the spectacle 24/7 for all to watch throughout the world.

    And then one day, with one swift, graceful whoosh, the petals unfolded.

    And from within the flower, a cloud of spores exploded into the air.

    And the wind carried the spores throughout the city. Throughout the state. Across the nation. Across the world.

    We don’t know where this plant came from, or what it was even capable of. All I know is that if you’ve come into contact with these spores, you probably shouldn’t go into the sunlight. You really don’t want to know what happens.