Roadkill Poster


Feature, Horror

Pages: 86


Trapped in a camper, three friends and a mysterious stranger must fend off a vicious beast that is intent on tearing them to shreds and collecting what's left.



Envy Poster.jpg


Feature, Horror

Pages: 87

Following her father's death, a college freshman girl receives an empty box that contains something evil.

PRODUCTION: medium budget, several locations, 3 main roles, 5 supporting roles, several minor roles (plus extras), medium  budget special effects (gore, make up, CGI)

Over the Pond Poster 2.jpg


Feature, Horror

Pages: 101

A group of Halloween haunted house enthusiasts are invited to tour an attraction that ends up being a portal to Hell.

PRODUCTION: medium to high budget, several locations, 5 major roles, 1 supporting role, 2-3 minor roles (plus several extras), medium to high budget special effects (gore, make up, prosthetics, CGI or monster/animatronics effects)

Grosvenor Arms Poster.jpg


Feature, Horror, Mystery

Pages: 86

A police officer conducting a welfare check arrives at Grosvenor Arms, an apartment building full of eclectic residents that each hold pieces of a story involving a missing couple who reside inside of the building.

PRODUCTION: low to medium budget, 1 main location (about 2-3 minor locations), 3 major roles, 9 supporting roles, 7-10 minor roles, low budget special effects (gore, make up, prosthetics), trained animals on set

flytrap sean elwood art horror story screenplay script house death


Feature, Horror, B-Horror

Pages: 81

Six friends take a trip to the mountains, only to find that the house they're staying in is alive, and it needs to feed.

PRODUCTION: medium to high budget, 1 main location (about 3 minor locations), 6 major roles (about 2 minor roles, plus extras), medium to high budget special effects, possible construction of main location (house)

where the bad kids go sean elwood art monster demon ghost supernatural paranormal horror screenplay script short story


Feature, Horror, Drama

Pages: 97

It’s been sixteen years since Jesse was taken away from his abusive, alcoholic mother after she had tried to kill him. When he hears of the news that she committed suicide, he returns to his childhood house for preparation to sell it, as well as confront his dark past once and for all. He soon discovers that something evil lurks within the depths of the house, and after all these years, it’s been waiting for him to return.

PRODUCTION: low to medium budget (apart from the finale), 1 main location (about 3 minor locations), 3 major roles (about 5 minor roles), medium to high budget special effects (fire), possible construction of main location (house/basement/crawlspace)

I'm still here sean elwood art horror thriller story screenplay


Feature, Thriller

Pages: 100

After a car accident nearly kills him, a young man begins to experience strange occurrences around his home, leaving him to believe that his near-death experience has opened the door between the living and the dead. As he attempts to uncover the truth, he discovers that his sanity might be at stake.

PRODUCTION: low budget, 1 main location (about 3 minor locations), 2 major roles (about 3 - 5 minor roles), no big budget special effects or locations