HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio — The evening of August 22, 2015 held one of Ohio’s most horrific massacres in its state involving the Carter family at 2251 Stahlheber Road.


The Hamilton Police Department received a call from a frantic Mary Carter after she had arrived home to a bloodbath involving her husband, Benjamin (41), and her two sons, Thomas (11) and David (15). Her daughter, Susan (6), is currently missing.


The entire fifteen-minute call records the nightmare that had just begun for not only Mrs. Carter herself, but the dispatch operator who had taken the call (who has asked to remain anonymous), as well as the officers of the Hamilton Police Department.


Chief of Police Walter Madison claims the recording to be “one of the most horrifying calls [his] department has ever taken.”


While forensic experts remain in possession of the recording for further review of evidence, which has included the use of zoologists (and with rumors suggesting a cryptozoologist had also been used), a transcription has been released to the general public in order to offer any clues to help solve the case of the death of Mrs. Mary Carter and her family, plus her missing daughter.


If you have any leads on the happenings of the Carter family, or the whereabouts of the daughter Susan Carter, please contact the Hamilton Police Department or the Ohio State Police Department.










DATE: 08-22-2015







                              HAMILTON, OH 




(Muffled yelling and banging is heard nearby)


DISPATCH: 9-1-1, do you need police, fire department, or ambulance?


CARTER: Send the police! Please! Send the police to 2251 Stahlheber Road in Hamilton! Somebody broke into my home...oh God...


DISPATCH: Okay, ma’am—


CARTER: Somebody broke into my home and killed my family! Please, send the police now! There’s blood! There is blood everywhere!


DISPATCH: Okay ma’am, I’ve notified officers, they should be there shortly.


CARTER: Hurry, please! How long are they going to be?!


DISPATCH: They’re getting to you as quick as they can. I’ll need you to remain calm, okay? What’s your name?


CARTER: Mary Carter...God, please help me, please have the police hurry, he’s outside the front door!


(The yelling and banging becomes louder)




CARTER: I don’t know! A man is banging on my front door! It looks like he’s covered in blood!


DISPATCH: Do you know him?




DISPATCH: Does he have a weapon?


CARTER: No! He’s just banging on the door! His shirt’s covered in blood! I think...I think he killed my family! I have my husband’s shotgun with me...I don’t really know how to use it...oh God, I...I can’t shoot him, I can’t do it—!


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter, I don’t advise you to use the weapon, but you should keep it nearby just in case.


CARTER: The window is going to break!


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter, if he breaks in—


CARTER: I don’t think I can shoot him! No, no, I...he’s hitting the window really hard! Oh God, he’s going to break in again! He’s just screaming at me! He’s crazy!


(Glass is heard shattering, which was later determined to be the front entrance window. There is a loud “clack” as the caller drops the phone. The caller screams and there is a gunshot, followed by 10 seconds of silence)


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter?


(20 seconds of silence. Faint sobbing can be heard. A moment later, there is sound of shuffling as the caller picks the phone back up)


CARTER: Oh Jesus, help me...oh God...I shot him...I shot him dead...dear Lord, help me...


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter, you were defending yourself. Everything is okay. You did what you needed to do. He could have hurt you.


CARTER: I just...


DISPATCH: I need you to stay on the line with me and go outside, okay? I need you to wait for police officers to get there.


CARTER: I need to find Susan!


DISPATCH: Who’s Susan?


CARTER: I need to find my daughter, I need to find Susan. Please help me find her, she’s only six years old! She has to be hiding somewhere in the house! Susan!!




CARTER: I can’t find my daughter! I can’t...oh God, they’re all dead and I can’t find her! I’ve searched everywhere!


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter, your daughter probably made it out of the house.


CARTER: Susan!!


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter, the police will be there shortly. They will find your daughter. Right now, I need you to please get out of the house!


(The caller gasps)


CARTER: What was that?


DISPATCH: What was what?


(Faint, quick footsteps are heard)


CARTER: I hear footsteps coming from upstairs...! Susan...? Oh my God, Susan!!


(The caller breathes heavily as she runs up the stairs)


CARTER: Susan!! Mommy’s here, baby! Mommy’s here!


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter, please listen to me, you need to get out of the house until the police arrive. They will find Susan.


CARTER: Susan...! Where are you, baby? I’m at the top of the stairs, I just got up here, and...I...I need to turn on some lights...


(The sound of a light switch clicking on. The caller gasps)


CARTER: Oh no...oh dear Lord, please, please don’t tell me that’s her blood! There are bloody footprints on the floor! They’re small enough to be hers!


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter—


CARTER: They go to her room. She has to be in there! Susan!


(The caller enters Susan’s bedroom)


CARTER: Susan?! Are you in here?


(There is a loud bang. The caller screams)


CARTER: What the hell?! What was that?!


DISPATCH: Is that Susan?


CARTER: It sounded like someone was on the roof!?


(There is more thumping that soon fades away)


CARTER: Something is running on top of the roof! It’s going to the other side of the house!


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter, you’re not making any sense.


CARTER: Susan! I’m in your room! Follow Mommy’s voice!


(The caller gasps)


CARTER: The lights just went out! The power is out!


DISPATCH: Do you have a flashlight or any kind of light?


CARTER: I can’t see anything!


DISPATCH: Okay, just stay where you are, Mrs. Carter. Let your eyes adjust to the dark...


(The sound of glass shattering is heard, which was later determined to be the dining room window)


CARTER: Oh my God...


DISPATCH: What was that?


CARTER: Something broke...someone’s inside the house...Susan?


(7 seconds of silence)


CARTER: Is it the police?


DISPATCH: No, they would have called out for you...


CARTER: Oh no...oh no, someone’s here...


DISPATCH: It could be Susan—


CARTER: No, no she would have called for me, I’ve been yelling her name...


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter—




(23 seconds of silence. The caller now speaks in a hushed tone)


CARTER: Something’s coming up the stairs...it’s big, it’s stomping up the steps...oh God, that’s not Susan...


DISPATCH: Mary, you need to find somewhere to hide. Try and grab something to protect yourself with again.


CARTER: That man didn’t kill my family, he couldn’t have—


DISPATCH: Please, find a place to hide.


CARTER: I can’t see!


(Stomping footsteps fade in and become louder)


CARTER: It’s getting closer! Oh Jesus Christ, please help me find a way out of here...


(The caller’s shaky breathing is heard. Static and shuffling. 13 seconds of silence)


DISPATCH: Mary, are you still there?


CARTER: I’m in the closet. I can’t get the door shut all the way, the door is jammed.


(The footsteps continue to grow louder)


CARTER: Oh no, oh no...no, no, it’s coming towards Susan’s room...where’s the police? I’m so scared!


DISPATCH: Mary, you need to keep calm and quiet and wait for them to arrive, you have to make sure you don’t give yourself away.


(The caller sobs into the receiver. The footsteps become very close, and then stop)


CARTER: I...can see it...


DISPATCH: What do you see?


CARTER: What is that...?


DISPATCH: Mary, what is it?


CARTER: ...I don’t...It’s not human...Oh God, it’s looking at me...


(A few more heavy footsteps grow closer, then stop. A deep, wet growl crackles through the static. Low, heavy breathing. Clicking sounds, almost pattern-like. More low breathing. Another gurgley growl. Footsteps fade away. 33 seconds of silence)


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter?


(7 seconds of silence)


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter?


CARTER: It’s gone...I think...


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter, you need to find a way out of that house right now.


CARTER: I can’t move...I can’t...make it...I don’t know what that thing was, I don’t want to see it again...I’m so scared, I...oh my God, I’m gonna die...


(The caller sobs)


CARTER: I can’t do this, I’m so scared, I can’t move my legs. I don’t think I can even stand up...


DISPATCH: Please, Mrs. Carter, you need to do this. You can do this. For Susan.


CARTER: Susan...I need to find her...


DISPATCH: No, you need to get out of the house. It’s not safe there.




DISPATCH: Mary, please, get out of there. Whatever was just in there with you is still in the house. Get out now!


(6 seconds of silence)


CARTER: Okay, I’m going.


DISPATCH: Just stay on the line with me. Keep the phone with you at all times. Tell me when you get to the stairs, okay?


CARTER: Yeah...


(The sound of shuffling and floorboards creaking can be heard for 13 seconds)


DISPATCH: Mrs. Carter?


(19 seconds of silence)




(30 seconds of silence)


CARTER: I’m at the stairs.


DISPATCH: Okay. Stay quiet.


CARTER: I think I hear the cop cars...


DISPATCH: Keep going...


(Faint static is heard in the receiver)


DISPATCH: Mary...? Mary...?


(The static fades away. 13 seconds of silence)




(Screaming. Shrieking. Loud pounding. Growling. Screeching. Clanking and static from the caller’s end. More screaming. Loud thumping. The sound of presumably the phone sliding across the floor. Low guttural growls. The caller’s screams are cut off. Choking. Coughing. Wheezing. The caller shrieks, which morphs into a high-pitched cry before being cut off by what sounds like a wet “crunch”. 5 seconds of silence. Another low, guttural growl which fades into a long, ghostly moan lasting for 10 seconds. Sirens fade in. Loud footsteps fade away. Two minutes of silence except for the sirens. Male voices)


OFFICER MAPLE: This is the Hamilton Police Department! Drop your weapons and come out with your hands up!


(20 seconds of silence)


MAPLE: I repeat, if there is anyone inside, come out now with your hands up!


(15 seconds of silence)


MAPLE: [incoherent]


(A click is heard and the front door squeaks open)


MAPLE: Holy sh-t...




MAPLE: This is the Hamilton Police Department! Is there anyone here?


ALLEN: Jesus Christ, what the hell happened to these people?


MAPLE: Stay alert...


DISPATCH: Hello? Hello! Can you guys hear me?


ALLEN: Oh God, look at her face...I’ve never seen anything like that before...


MAPLE: This is Officer Maple, calling in a 10-90 at 2251 Stahlheber Road, we need immediate back-up, over.


(Footsteps as the officers examine the crime scene. An incoherent radio response)


MAPLE: Jesus Christ...


ALLEN: Looks like an entire family slaughtered...


MAPLE: [re: incoherent radio response] We have five dead, two male adults, one female adult, and two young males, over.


DISPATCH: Hello! Officers? Hello!


MAPLE: [re: incoherent radio response] There’s a shotgun, but I don’t think it was used as a weapon...It looks more like an animal attack. Requesting back-up and a 10-97, over.


DISPATCH: Christ, hello! Hello!!


ALLEN: Did you hear that?


DISPATCH: The phone! Pick up the phone!


MAPLE: Sounds like it’s coming from down there.


(Shuffling and static. The phone is picked up)


MAPLE: Hello?


DISPATCH: Hi, yes, this is dispatch! You two officers need to get out of the house immediately! There is something in the house, something dangerous—!


ALLEN: Hey, Maple, I found someone!


MAPLE: Hold on a sec...Who is it?


ALLEN: I’m thinking it’s the daughter of the family. She was cowering behind the couch. She’s covered in blood, but I don’t think it’s her own.


(7 seconds of silence. Footsteps)


MAPLE: Why is she naked?


ALLEN: You don’t think...?


DISPATCH: Please, officer, you need to get out of there now!


ALLEN: Come on, we’re going to get you out of here. There’s no reason to be scared with us. What’s your name?


SUSAN: Susan. Where’s my mommy?


MAPLE: We’re going to get you out of here, Susan. Allen, cover her eyes, will ya?


ALLEN: Come on, I’m getting you out of here. Just lay your head into my chest, close your eyes, sweetie...


MAPLE: Here, let me get this tablecloth to put around her. [to dispatch] Hey, you still there?


DISPATCH: You need to get out of there now! I don’t know if you’re dealing with an animal or what, but—


(Screaming. Animalistic screeching)


DISPATCH: Hello? Hello! Officer?!


(More screaming. More screeching)


MAPLE: Oh f--k! She’s biting him!


(Shrieking. The phone emits a loud “clack” as it falls to the floor)




MAPLE: Back-up! We need back-up!




MAPLE: Holy f--k! No! NO! Oh my God!!


(Screaming. Crunching. The sound of liquid splattering. 3 seconds of silence)


DISPATCH: Hello? Officer? Hello! Hello!? Officer!?


(13 seconds of silence before dispatch disconnects call)