Rachel’s cell phone buzzed as a text from her husband appeared on the screen. When she opened it up expecting a loving message filled with hearts and smiley faces, she was instead met with an unusually structured text that read ‘Hhomke’ followed by a block of blank space beneath it. Erick had been out of the country serving as an additional doctor in Africa for three weeks, and tonight was the night that he was returning home. Rachel figured that it must’ve been jet lag, that he meant ‘Home’ as in ‘the airport,’ and that he clumsily typed out the message as he was resting his eyes in the taxi cab that carried him through his dreams and back to their house.

    Erick had kept in contact with Rachel through email since he had left the country, and they had exchanged messages every day, filling each other in with what they had accomplished and what their plans were in the days to come. He recounted the more exciting medical cases that he had handled, such as patients with deformations, and people who were in desperate need for extensive surgery. It made Rachel more grateful than usual to be living in a first-world country with easily accessible healthcare. Convincing her even more so, Erick frequently complained about the bugs in Sudan, and how often he would get stung or bitten by the ‘bastards’ that seemed twice as big as the ones in the states. However, by the third week that Erick was stationed near the Sahara desert, she had noticed that his responses had begun growing shorter, and that the spacing between his replies expanded further and further apart. Rachel had assumed that he must’ve had an influx of patients throughout his stay and ended up being too busy to respond back, and thought nothing more of it.

    ‘See you soon ;),’ she replied to the text.

    She quickly hopped into the shower and rinsed herself off. She was preparing a special night for the two of them, considering how long they’d been apart. Rachel wasn’t one to experience separation anxiety in any way, but she possessed a rather strong libido that would turn her into a frustrated animal after even a week of no sex. She had considered waiting until the night after Erick returned home to allow him to catch up on his sleep, but she knew that a homecoming gift such as the one that she had planned would help wake him up. It was a dumb idea that she and her friend had concocted over a couple bottles of wine while Erick was away, but it was something that she nor he had ever tried before and had thought that it would be a great surprise for him upon returning home.

    Rachel dried herself off and slipped into her sexiest bra and panties, pale pink with laced edges that wrapped around the right curves and showed just enough but not too much. She dried her hair, and after applying a thin layer of foundation, a quick brush of mascara, and smacking her newly red lips, she sparked a few candles and placed them around the bedroom that soon flickered with a sensual glow. She opened the top drawer of their dresser that almost exploded of dress socks and underwear, and dug through the mess until she found the packages of four toy handcuffs that she had purchased earlier in the week. After digging deeper, she also revealed a ball gag and set it on top of the bedside table, an additional toy that she would leave up to Erick on whether or not he wanted to use it. She hopped onto the bed and slapped one handcuff to her right ankle, locking the opposite cuff to the metal bedframe. She did the same with her left ankle, and then her left wrist to the metal headboard with the third handcuff. She used her left hand to handcuff her right wrist tightly, and then connected the opposite cuff to the headboard and huffed a few fallen bangs out of her eyes.

    Rachel squirmed on the bed and became comfortable. She eyed the digital clock on the dresser and waited patiently for Erick to arrive home. 9:52 PM glowed in green, and Rachel closed her eyes and fantasized about the night she was about to have. She even giggled at how she imagined Erick’s reaction when he would walk into the bedroom and see her tied up and vulnerable to whatever he wanted to do to her.

    Headlights shone into the bedroom between the cracks of the partially closed blinds, and Rachel opened her eyes to see a vehicle pull into the driveway. Through the slivers of the blinds, she noticed a light atop the vehicle and could barely make out the word ‘TAXI.’ She waited, and anticipated the sound of a car door slamming shut and the rumble of the vehicle’s engine slowly fading away. The taxi sat in the driveway for three minutes, then five, then fifteen. Rachel grew impatient, with the intruding headlights attributing to the dying mood.

    The tip of her nose twitched, and she wiggled it like Samantha Stevens in Bewitched before attempting to scratch it with the tip of her finger, straining her neck and gently yanking on the handcuff only to be short by just a few inches.

    The room suddenly fell dark once again as the headlights disappeared, distracting Rachel from the itch. The engine fell silent, and a car door closed loudly. She listened to the faint footsteps that walked up the pathway to the front entrance of the house, and she wondered why it took so long for Erick to leave the taxi, and also wondered why it remained in the driveway while he headed inside. Her fantasy of the night soon dissipated as her imagination began to take over. What was Erick doing so long outside? Did he get into a fight with the taxi driver? She’d heard more than a few horror stories involving taxis and their drivers, and how you never know who it would be when you climbed into the back of a cab. She shivered at the thought, and wondered if he might’ve done something to Erick after he had given the driver their address.

    The sound of the front door clicking unlocked echoed through the quiet, dark house, and Rachel’s head snapped in the direction of the sound. As the front door creaked open, she contemplated whether she should remain quiet, or call out for Erick, if it was even him. She could feel her palms becoming sweaty, and her entire body radiated with a growing heat. She silently cursed to herself as she pulled her hands and feet toward her body, only to be snagged by the handcuffs.

    “Erick?” She finally called out. Her voice in the silence made her ears ring.

    No response. Chills fell through her warm body and she began to suspect that something was not right. She pulled harder on the handcuffs as she kept her eyes on the partially opened bedroom door.

    The sound of something like a string of rattling beads spilled into the bedroom from the hallway. Rachel held her breath as she listened intently. Slow, wet footsteps slapped against the wooden floor as something lumbered closer toward the bedroom. What sounded like tape peeling from a freshly painted wall accompanied the lift of each footstep, and wet plops splattered on the wood as a thick liquid oozed off of whatever creeped through the house.

    “Erick, is that you?” Rachel called out again.

    “Yes,” his voice buzzed.

    Goosebumps covered Rachel’s body as her heart suddenly pumped fear into her blood. She yanked on the handcuffs that created a metallic clatter, and kicked her feet that remained chained to the bedframe. She twisted her body in a failed attempt to squeeze her hands through the tight cuffs, and gritted her teeth as the metal dug into her skin and rubbed against bone. She began to hyperventilate as dread wrapped around her throat and made it a struggle to breathe.

    She froze at the moment that she saw the shadowy figure of Erick as he crept into the doorway; she could tell it was him by the silhouetted curl of his hair. However, she noticed that he had grown at least two feet taller as he silently stuck his head in from the top corner of the doorway at an odd, sideways angle. His head twitched slightly, and each turn of the neck was an unnatural quick, jerky movement. A deformed hand gently gripped the doorframe, and in the faint moonlight that spilled through the slits of the blinds, it looked as if he was missing a few of his fingers. His other similarly deformed hand gripped the top of the doorframe, and slowly, he ducked beneath the doorway and pulled himself into the bedroom.

    Rachel gasped at the monstrosity that wore her husband. The creature was stripped of clothing, covered in a clear, gel-like substance that shimmered in the poor moonlight. It arched its back as it slowly fell to its hands and feet and hobbled through the bedroom on long, thin, hairy limbs. Rachel had momentarily lost sight of the creature, but it hissed the same sound of rattling beads as it scurried across the floor. She was paralyzed in fear, and any sense to scream for help was lost in the pit of her gut.

    The creature slowly rose from the side of the bed next to Rachel, croaking a quick buzz with each twitch of its head as it studied her and the handcuffs that held her down. It swiftly pulled itself onto the bed and hummed as it stood on its hands and feet over Rachel’s body, bobbing its head above her skin as if it were sniffing her, but it didn’t breathe. It studied her crotch, and slowly moved upward toward her face. A warm stench radiated from the creature’s ‘skin,’ and Rachel whined shakily as it slowly crawled nearer and nearer.

    It lay one of its deformed hands next to her side: the index and middle finger were fused together with a translucent film, as were the ring and pinky finger. The fingernails were missing, and a sticky substance pulled at the sheets as it lifted the hand once again.

    Moonlight fluttered along its face, which looked just like Erick’s. The clear goo covering his plastic-like skin dripped from his nose and chin, and his nostrils and mouth were sealed shut. His eyes were closed as it maneuvered closer and closer to Rachel, and she wondered how it could see. She pushed her head further into the pillow in any attempt to keep away from the thing as its face neared hers. The creature’s head twitched as it observed her face, and then its eyelids snapped open, revealing the milky gray eyes that bulged from their sockets.

    Rachel shrieked at the sight, and the creature stiffened its arms and legs in surprise, seemingly growing twice as large. Its back nearly touched the ceiling fan above the bed, and the creature’s head quickly snapped side to side as it watched Rachel continue to scream. She kicked her legs and thrashed her arms, and the sound of the handcuffs banging against the bedframe irritated the creature. Its body shivered, and a low hum slowly transformed into an angry buzz.

    It caught a glimpse of the ball gag on the bedside table and snatched it. Rachel’s screams ceased suddenly as the ball gag was thrusted into her mouth by the creature, and it wrapped the elastic band around her head. Muffled cries poured from her smeared lips as the creature’s body twisted upside down into a crabwalk pose, and it straightened its arms and legs as it arched its back upward without taking its alien eyes off of her.

    Waterfalls of mascara tears streamed down Rachel’s face and her body bounced as a last resort to escape the handcuffs. The creature’s feet wrapped around her legs and pinned them down, while its hands pushed on the crooks of her arms. The creature convulsed, and a hairy, black-blue, spindly leg sprouted from each side of its chest. The segmented legs squirmed and scratched along the sheets as they attempted to catch on to something, and claw-like hairs covered the tips of them.

    The creature’s head vibrated until it shook violently. The plastic-like skin that took shape of Erick’s likeness split open down the middle, and the furry face of a hideous insect squeezed out from beneath the exoskeleton. Feathery antennae uncurled from beneath the skin and fluttered against Rachel’s tear-streaked face. Dozens of sharp, finger-like mandibles undulated quickly where the mouth was located, and they clicked together like fingers on a mechanical keyboard. Two large, black eyes covered the majority of the creature’s face and twinkled in the moonlight. Somewhere from inside of the creature came that familiar sound of rattling beads.

    The creature’s third set of legs scrambled for Rachel’s squirming body, and she would’ve nearly vomited at the scratchy, inhuman touch against her bare skin if it hadn’t been for the ball gag. The claw-like hairs snagged her panties and the creature tore them off of her hips. Out of her sight, the penis that the creature had now acquired engorged itself with blood until it was fully erect. The foreskin slid backward, and a black barb protruded outward from the urethra and stretched toward the ceiling. Rachel watched in horror as the barb reached the ceiling and curved downward, the syringe-like tip nearing the spot between her legs.

    The barb fluttered along her thighs as it wriggled toward her crotch. She felt it slide inside of her, and it made her body vibrate as the creature’s body shook. She could feel it prodding her vaginal cavity, poking in a rhythmic pattern up and down inside of her. She groaned at the discomfort and closed her eyes as she attempted to ignore any idea of what the creature was doing, and pleaded silently for the nightmare to finally end.

    After what felt like hours, the creature arched its back further upward and pulled the barb out. The stinger-like appendage slowly slid back into the body of the creature and it crawled off of her arms and legs. The thing buzzed as it observed Rachel’s now violated crotch, click-clacking its mandibles as the antennae brushed up and down her exposed skin. Its head shivered, and every few seconds the creature would wipe a large, black eye with its human forearm. It crawled down the foot of the bed and shuffled out of the bedroom, leaving Rachel terrified, trapped, and alone.



Tarantula hawks are a worldwide species, and are the largest known type of wasp in existence. They get their name from their predatory behavior toward tarantulas, and when hunting, the tarantula hawk stings the spider, paralyzing it but not killing it. From there, the wasp drags the spider’s body to a burrow where it would lay an egg on it. After a few days have passed, the larva hatches and feasts on the insides of the spider, saving all vital organs until the very last so that the spider remains alive throughout the duration of the larval stage, which can last from three to four weeks.

    Unbeknownst to Erick, as he was napping during his stay in Africa, a tarantula hawk managed to enter his room and lay an egg within his belly button, an unusual behavior for this type of wasp. Even more bizarre was the metamorphosis that had occurred throughout the rest of the trip soon after the larva had hatched and burrowed into his body cavity, creating a kind of hybrid between human and insect, and allowing the creature to return back to the States concealed beneath an exoskeleton that was Erick’s body while mixing its instinct with his basic knowledge.

    As Rachel lay in bed and grew exhausted from attempting to scream for help through her ball gag, while also being fed water by the creature in a Tupperware container, she could feel a tingling sensation from within her abdomen growing stronger by each passing day. And when she noticed dozens of small lumps moving about beneath her stomach after the fourth day of being a prisoner in her own home, she had finally realized that it wasn’t a stinger that the creature had stuck inside of her body.

    It had laid eggs with an ovipositor.