afterlife afterdeath

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AfterLife AfterDeath: Stories for the Dark presents nineteen chilling tales that will creep beneath your skin and chill you to the bone, opening up some of the most primal feelings that every human being retains of death, darkness, and the fear of the unknown. Follow a man who returns to his childhood home after his mother’s suicide, only to discover something evil residing within it, and has been waiting for him to return; A dispatch operator receives a terrifying 911 call from a frantic woman who finds her entire family slaughtered; Three teens chasing an urban legend get more than they bargained for when the rumor ends up being true, and more than just a ghost story; A public channel broadcasts something strange to the residents of an apartment building, who begin to act even stranger; A horrific nightmare comes to life for a passenger on a plane traveling overseas. These stories will make you reconsider what truly lives in the darkest shadows of your home, and instill fears you thought you would never have. Turn the lights off!


PDF file. I enjoy sharing my creativity, but please support your artists around the world :)


Dying in a plane crash is a family curse. Inspired by a true fear.

The Tooth Fairy is coming tonight, but what happens when there's no tooth to take?

Have you ever had an out of body experience? I have.

Rachel is preparing a special night for her husband. But something...isn't right...

A lost man on a journey discovers a terrifying secret. A ghost story.

In a world where every pregnancy results in identical twins...

You don't want to get caught in this storm...

What happens when a rumor of a haunted tunnel comes true, and is more than just a ghost story?

Don't go in the sunlight.

A 9-1-1 dispatch operator gets one of the most terrifying calls ever recorded.

There's something in my closet.

Don't fall for its traps...

Jesse arrives at his childhood home, where something resides in the dark depths of the house, and has been waiting for him to return after all these years...

The title says it all.

or, Everyone in my apartment is dead, and there are men in suits outside my door.

I awoke from a nightmare, only to find a video on my phone from that very same dream.

It's difficult to comprehend the sheer size that some things can get to.

...and I have a photo to prove it. A true story.

A man picks up a hitchhiker at an intersection who tells him that he will die today.


A girl with acne issues finds a new skin cream to try. (A supplemental story from 'Twisted Books to Leave You Shook' by C. S. James)

A couple meet under bizarre circumstances.